"Kevin is a real go-getter and always looking for ways to help out and improve both the company and his knowledge. Kevin is very easy to get along with and an all around great guy."

Dan Gervais, Chief Technology Officer at TargetSafety

"I worked with Kevin for almost three years at TargetSafety. In the time that I worked with Kevin, he was a very good coworker. He always did everything he could to help his coworkers and produce quality work. He quickly learned new skills and increased the tasks he was responsible for. For example, he took over a large video project we had previously been outsourcing, enabling us to produce a better product in-house. He also took over designing multimedia elements for our training and worked well with me and his other coworkers to take our ideas and turn them into interactive elements. These interactions increased the appeal of our courses and helped increase customer satisfaction and sales. Kevin has a passion for graphic design and will always work to deliver the best possible product."

Amanda Lautieri, Assistant Content Manager at TargetSafety

"I hired Kevin to handle the HTML conversion and media sourcing for our growing library of online courses. Almost immediately, Kevin expanded his role. His skill set allowed us to transition from outsourcing our video production to creating all deliverables in house. Kevin made himself integral to the process, assuming the responsibility of storyboarding, narrating, and editing course videos. His great work ethic and consistent desire to take on additional responsibilities led me to promote Kevin, making him responsible for the design, creation, and implementation of the elearning Flash interactions used in our courses. In his new role, Kevin also serves as the IT support person for the Boston office. Kevin is a very fast learner, a dedicated worker, and a valued part of my team. He would thrive in any position. I would recommend him very highly."

Rob Davies, Manager of Content & Regulatory Compliance at TargetSafety

"Kevin is an outstanding multimedia designer. We collaborated on several projects during our time together at TargetSafety in which I wrote the course content, and he designed the flash interactions. Working with Kevin was a wonderful experience because of his passion for graphic design, his creative ability to come up with innovative course interactions, and his drive for producing excellent work. He is capable of great things!"

Kyle Cranston, Online Content Specialist/Copywriter at TargetSafety

Resume: Graphical | Text-based

LinkedIn: Kevin E. Cotter

Twitter: K. Cotter

Email: contact@kevinecotter.com

Phone: (617) 833-8514